What does TRS stand for?

Total Restraint Systems


How do I install my harness?

Saloon FIA & Nascar fitting instructions             Formula FIA fitting instructions           Road ECE fitting instructions

What do I do if I require a bespoke special harness?

Please use the bespoke speciifcation sheet

How much do harnesses cost?

Please see the attached 2017 price list


How many years is a FIA harness valid for?

FIA harnesses are valid for 5 years plus the year of manufacture. For example, if you buy a 2017 manufactured harness it will be valid until 31st December 2022. The "not valid after" FIA label is attached to each part of the harness and can be found near the air craft release buckle


When should I replace my harness?

TRS recommend that harnesses should be replaced following a severe or moderate impact. This is because the strength and integrity of the webbing (and components) can be stretched in the advent of a crash


Can saloon harnesses be wrapped around the roll bar?

Yes. TRS saloon harnesses can be wrapped around the roll cage

What is a HANS device and FHR?

HANS stands for Head and Neck Support device.
FHR stands for Frontal Head Restraint.

HANS were the first motorsport company to pioneer a Frontal Head Restraint for racing drivers and they called their FHR a "HANS device". The expression "HANS device" stuck, and soon became the accepted trade name for FHR's in the motorsport world, even though what is actually being described is really a FHR. 

A useful analogy when describing HANS devices and FHR's  to think back to vacum cleaners..... which are also some times known as Hoovers, in recoginition of the brand building work done by Hoover when they launched their vacum cleaner. Its the same with HANS and FHR's

Why is there a FIA hologram on 2017 FIA approved harnesses?

As of 1st January 2013 the FIA introduced a new FIA hologram label for all competition harnesses. TRS endorse the FIA's fight against counterfeited safety products and support the FIA's introduction of a uniquely numbered FIA hologram sticker sewn to the left hand shoulder strap of every FIA harness. All 2013 TRS FIA approved harnesses have the new FIA hologram.
Please click here to view the FIA hologram





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